Omniverse – New ambient space music release

Omniverse – ambient space new music release
Omniverse – ambient space music

I welcome you to the Omniverse.   Enjoy this  ambient space journey that will reconnect you with the higher power of the universe.  I composed this song using Pro-tools and musical loops from Loopmasters, Prime Loops, and Function Loops.  I thank all the artists for their awesome music loops  that are created using incredible music gear!

Hear Omniverse here:

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Georgia Strait views

Georgia Strait Views sunset
Georgia Strait Views sunset
Georgia Strait views

Beautiful Georgia Strait views await you all year round.

Georgia Strait Views Mount Churchill
Georgia Strait Views Mount Churchill

Close ups of the distant Churchill Mountain truly take your breath away.

Georgia Strait Views
Georgia Strait Views looking over to the Sunshine Coast

The colors of the ocean keep you coming back for more.  Enjoy some nature in your area and be grateful for its presence.

Secret Beach beautiful sunset here

Georgia Strait Alliance – protecting the marine environment

Nature waterfall

nature waterfall
Englishman River Falls fractal
Nature Waterfall

Englishman River nature waterfall fractal.  A beautiful place to get lost with someone you love!  Hiking in the fall is wonderful.  Seeing all the colors of nature puts me in a total chill out state of mind. Try it sometime and find peace of mind. 🙂

Englishman River in the summer here!

In the same fashion please watch this video of the Englishman River Falls.

Psybient Waters on Spotify here!

Birds deep dream

birds in deep dream 1
Stellar’s Jay in cave paint deep dream
Birds in deep dream

I have been creating some birds deep dream using the cave paint settings on Dreamscope.  Almost a tribal feel to the photos now.

Original Stellar’s Jay photo here!

birds deep dream 2
Eagles in cave paint deep dream

Eagles blend in nicely with the cave paint setting.  The interpretation by the AI program really enhances the textures and blends the images well.

Eagle psychedelic here!