Aquasonic New Music Release

Aquasonic New Music Release
Aquasonic New Electronic Music Release
Aquasonic New Music Release

I am very excited to announce my New Music Release of “Aquasonic”.  A song that captures the essence of my watery Pisces personality.  A glitch hop, chillstep electronic music composition complete with down tempo grooves and coupled with organic-infused electronic beats.

Enjoy and please share with your friends. Thanks for your support!

Peace and love

Nora 🙂

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Ecotones organic techno here



Astral beaches

Astral beaches 1
Astral beaches beauty
Astral Beaches Space Photos

I found an interesting App that makes beach photos into Astral Beaches.  This space photo app is easy to use and creates some amazing surreal images.

Astral beaches 2
Astral beaches space photo

I love to hang out at the beach. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to hang out on some of these Astral Beaches!

Astral beaches 3
Astral beaches psychedelic

The above astral beach is in a psychedelic state of being.  This beach would be for people who needed a vibrant and colorful vacation or place to hang out.   I would think that this beach would be popular with the psytrance tribes.

I hope you have enjoyed my space art creativity.  Please share with your friends if you like and thanks for your support!  Nora 🙂

Parksville beach psychedelic here!

Deep Dive Into the Abyss New Music Release

Deep Dive Into the Abyss New Music Release
Deep Dive Into the Abyss New Music Release
Deep Dive Into the Abyss New Music Release
Deep Dive Into the Abyss New Music Release

I am very pleased to announce my first New Release of 2018 – Deep Dive Into the Abyss!  This pumping techno house music composition takes you to the depths of your soul and immerses you in evolving textures and primal beats that draw you into the abyss.

Check it out and dive in here:

Spotify link here!

iTunes link here!

Amazon link here!

Jump Gate To Mars - Nora Berg
Jump Gate To Mars – Nora Berg



Jump Gate to Mars New Music Release here!




I want to take the time to thank everyone for listening to my music and supporting me.  I have been composing electronic music since the early 1980’s.  In the last few years I have learned to master Pro tools computer music software which has taken me to a new level of excellence in terms of sound quality and composing abilities.  I strive to produce the best possible electronic music in hopes of creating a style that is uniquely my own.  Without your likes and comments I would never be able to find my proper path in music.  All I can really hope for is that my music inspires others to creative awesomeness!

Peace and much love. Nora 🙂


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Deep Forest fractals

Deep Forest fractal
Deep Forest fractal
Deep Forest Fractals Forest walk

A walk in the forest has inspired a few deep forest fractals.  I love the elements and textures of a well-evolved old growth forest.

Deep Forest stump mandala
Deep Forest stump mandala
Deep Forest Fractals cedar stumps

There are lots of old red cedar stumps in the forest that are perfect for nature mandalas.  Many old trees that have been cut down are kept alive by other trees in the area.  Their roots are nurtured and provided with nutrients by other plant roots for still unknown purposes.

Deep forest moss mandala
Deep forest moss mandala
Moss mandalas and Deep Forest Fractals

Deep forest moss is everywhere in the forest especially during the moist winter months in the Pacific Northwest Canada.  Their soft and intricate textures make a lovely mandala as above.

Take the time to walk in your special nature paradise especially when you feel your energy is low and you need to recharge.   Equally important, being in the deep forest helps me to focus on what is important in my life.  The modern world contains too many distractions.  These distractions can complicate your life and can cause depression.  When we walk in the deep forest we are returning to a default world full of fresh air and good nature vibes!  Consequently – how can you not feel better for it! 🙂

Trillium mandala here

Field of Heaven New Music Release

Field of Heaven new music release
Field of Heaven new music release
Field of Heaven new music release

I am happy to announce my new music release Field of Heaven!  In the music category of uplifting trance, I have composed this song to make you feel better.   A strong piano melody combined with FX forms the rhythmic structure of this trance composition.  Most of the samples are from  I find their samples exceptional in their sonic quality and as a performing musician I am very particular with sound quality.  Enjoy listening to it over the holidays and please share with your friends if you like it.

Field of Heaven logo

The photo I used to make the logo is of Kennedy Lake on Vancouver Island, Canada.  This earthly paradise or somewhat celestial realm is perfect for my on-going theme of peace and love.  It was a beautiful sunrise and it made me feel like I was on heaven’s doorstep.

Thanks for your support!

Nora 🙂

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Desert Mirage house music here!


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