Life’s a Beach

Life's a beach
Life’s a beach
beach life for dogs

Life’s a beach on the Sunshine Coast of Canada! I had many years on the beach with this beautiful collie! Enjoy the day and try to get out for some beach time! 🙂


Sengen Sama
Sengen Sama
Sengen-Sama Goddess

Fractal art representing Sengen-Sama – the Japanese Goddess of Fujiyama.  As the flower buds mature try to find growth and maturity in your own life.  Climb the mountain and attain inner guidance and perspective on your life.  In essence together we greet the rising sun on this sacred mountain.

In summary please supports the arts in your community to inspire others to goddess greatness!

More fractal art here – Grand Julian fractal!

Jump Gate to Mars – New Music Release

Jump Gate To Mars
Jump Gate To Mars – New Music Release
Jump gate to Mars

I’m very happy to announce my new music release “Jump Gate to Mars”!  Just in time for festival season this psytrance tune is sure to get your tribal rhythms activated for dancing on the surface of Mars!  In like manner, take the “Jump Gate to Mars” and enjoy the ride of your life!

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Alpha Centauri Cosmic Memory Mix here!

Happy World Oceans Day

Happy Worlds Ocean Day
Happy Worlds Ocean Day
Happy Oceans Day

A great day to think about how important our oceans are and why we have to try harder to keep them clean and productive.  Next time you take a walk on the beach take a bag and clean up a little…if we all did this it will make a difference.  Our reliance on plastic also needs to change so we can keep it out of the oceans. There are a lot of great young minds working on these challenges so make sure you support science and innovation.  We are so lucky to have all this water in our lives. 🙂

Happy Oceans Day everyone!

Ecotones – organic techno

Ecotones-music art and nature
Ecotones – organic techno
Ecotones – organic techno

I’m officially announcing my new blog “Ecotones” inspired by a recent electronic techno music release!   “Ecotones” are present everywhere and all you have to do is listen to nature and embrace the zen and chillout vibes.  You’ll feel  better for it.  🙂

In light of this new release please support your local musicians!

Additionally “Ecotones” is available here:




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By the same token listen to Lava Heart here!