Ecotones – organic techno

Ecotones-music art and nature

I’m officially announcing my new blog “Ecotones” inspired by a recent electronic techno music release!   “Ecotones” are present everywhere – all you have to do is listen to nature and embrace the zen and chillout vibes.  You’ll feel better for it.  🙂

“Ecotones” is available here:




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Turkey Tail Mushrooms and mandala

Turkey tail mushrooms mandala
Turkey tail mushrooms
Turkey tail mushrooms (Trametes versicolor)

Hiking in the woods above Parksville reveals many interesting mushrooms.  These Turkey tail mushrooms appeared on a decaying log  just off of a bush trail.   Some of the most interesting mushrooms I have seen for awhile.

All the color and textures contribute to a beautiful Turkey tail mandala.

Happy Mandala Monday!  🙂

Turkey tail mushrooms mandala
Turkey tail mushrooms mandala vibes

Terrace Beach Lookout

Terrace Beach Lookout
Terrace Beach Lookout

A beautiful hike on the Wild Pacific Trail takes you to the Terrace Beach Lookout. Lots of amazing photo opportunities and a great way to connect to wild nature!

Rainforest Stellar’s Jay

Rainforest Stellar's Jay
Rainforest Stellar’s Jay

A bird friend in the Pacific Rim rainforest today! This Stellar’s Jay was looking at me to provide a snack but I do not feed the wild animals 🙂 Please click on photo for larger image.