Eagle Crest Summer Beach

Eagle Crest summer beach
Eagle Crest summer beach morning
Eagle Crest Summer Beach

An awesome way to start the day!  Eagle Crest beach is a great place to enjoy the ocean.   Sunrises are a special time at the beach.

Eagle Crest summer beach eagle
Eagle on the beach

What do you expect on Eagle Crest beach?  Of course this would be an eagle like the one pictured above.  Beautiful and majestic these birds of prey are ever alert for their next meal.

Eagle Crest summer beach love
 Summer beach love

The beach is huge when the tide is out.  This gives everyone a lot of space to enjoy the sunshine and serenity of this magnificent beach.  Nature is the mirror image of spiritual reality – the only church or religion you will ever need!

Life’s a beach here!

Sand Sculpting Canada 150 in Parksville

Sand sculpture 1
“Coming together” sand sculpture
Sand sculpting

An amazing year and “Canada 150” theme for the sand sculpting festival in Parksville!

Iron Horse
Iron Horse

Beautiful weather and just the right kind of sand can help the artists produce fantastic sculptures like the “Iron Horse” above.

The Last Spike
The Last Spike

The detail on “The Last Spike” is phenomenal!

Native Bear
Native Bear

The size and realistic features make this bear one of the many fantastic sand sculptures you can see in Parksville on the beach for a month. Come on down and spend some beach time! 🙂

Parksville Beach psychedelic here!